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PROCESS - 1800ForBail
Las Vegas, NV

Visual stories are valuable.
We'll help you make a great one.

From inspiration to realization, our approach will ensure that your visual story is exactly how it should be.  We’ll know what to build and why we are building it.
Work Process


We'll engage in an initial consultation to determine if we are a perfect match. Through a follow-up interactive workshop, we'll get clarity on the story you are trying to tell with your production.


Next, we'll take everything we gathered from the workshop to create a visual story roadmap. This roadmap will include direction on the look & feel, sequencing of the visual story being told, and prioritization of key elements. This will be the roadmap for your visual story moving forward.


Your visual story will come to life. We'll design the deliverables that were determined from the workshop so that your audience will be blown away by the production value and attention to story you made the effort to bring them.

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