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Who We Are - 1800ForBail
Las Vegas, NV

Friendly people that talk less and listen more. Creating motion, design, and visuals that help you tell your visual story.

About Us

We are FrameHaus.  We like good food, coffee, beautiful images, and people that value bringing story to life.  We are always ready to lend helpful guidance and expertise.  Our goal is always the realization of great ideas and moving stories in the visual arts.

Why work with us?

We could sugar coat things and that might make your donut taste good for the moment but you’ll probably still be hungry in 20 minutes.  That’s just not us.  We want to work with you.  When we do, we invest in you and your story.  We give you commitment and no bones communication while demanding the same from you.  We’re not pushing buttons and pulling levers in fancy software or templates to give you generic pictures. We like building a relationship with you and your audience through a solid process.  Why not treat yourself to a good , and memorable, meal instead of fluff?


Motion & Design

Opening Titles

Logo Idents

Concept Art & Style Frames

Graphic Displays

Visual Effects

Digital Set Extensions


3D Modeling


Procedural FX (Simulations)



Color Grading

Meet the Founder

Tobias Steiner ~ Digital Artist, Creative Director, and Creative Guru

The reserved introvert that aims to solve creative challenges and heighten the human story.  A quiet demeanor means only one thing, that he is listening intently and will likely lead you to realizations you didn’t think possible at your first meeting with him.  Get him talking about something of interest and you’ll know you’ve made a connection of value between you.

As the founder and creative director of FrameHaus, Tobias brings over a decade of professional experience with a mind for thoughtful interactions.

Tobias has often been found consulting behind the scenes when other creatives get jammed up with challenges.  Whether it be for clients like Nissan, Pepsi, MGM, IBM, and many small studios as well as those in the academic arena teaching digital media.